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Why I Joined Watkins

watkins opportunityI first signed up with Watkins in late 1990. At the time, I had just been through a bad experience with a network marketing opportunity that I was involved with.

The company behind that opportunity went out of business overnight in August, 1990. It wasn’t so much that I was making a ton of money from it. I was doing okay, but just putting a lot of work into something and losing it that quickly was a shock.

Anyway, I was sold on the concept of network marketing and residual income, so I wasn’t ready to give up. I was just determined to find an opportunity that was stable. Something I could put my heart and effort into with reasonable assurance that all my hard work wouldn’t be wasted.

Some of the folks who had been my upline (in the company that failed) introduced me to Watkins. At first I thought “Watkins is too old fashioned” because I had heard it was a door to door or strictly a direct selling business.

I took a closer look anyway and this is what I found:

  • they had a rather “dated” recruiting video that appeared circa 1950′s
  • the video presented a direct selling business focused on retailing mostly
  • everything about Watkins products seemed very traditional (not necessarily a bad thing)

So here I was, already an online entrepreneur long before the World Wide Web evolved (with websites, multimedia, pretty graphics, etc.) We had text based message boards and forums, and many were focused on home and small business discussion. This is the online world where I was focusing much of my business building effort.

I was thinking – will this older and more traditional “Watkins products” company be a good fit for my preferred style of sponsoring (finding prospects online)? Well, I saw that some pretty high powered and successful networkers were getting involved with Watkins, so I took an even closer look. I talked to some people. Here are some of the conclusions I came up with.

  • the Watkins products were very good and highly respected in the marketplace
  • the products were retailable, i.e. a good value for the retail price even
  • the Watkins name was clean and there was no controversy that I could find
  • the Watkins company was stable with a long track record of success

I wasn’t really interested in retailing, but I knew that products sold through network marketing are the core of the business. They HAD to be excellent quality or the opportunity wouldn’t have a chance to be a long-term venture.

My goal was residual income, and you don’t get that without a strong and stable company behind your opportunity. What is the point of working your tail off and making a bunch of cash with a new startup company, then starting all over again in a couple years when they go out of business? Of course, many network marketing companies make it through, but jumping in too early is risky. I preferred a proven and steady business that would last.

watkins conference sponsoring awardSo, based on the reputation and proven track record for the Watkins products and opportunity, I signed up in December 1990. I teamed up with a few other people who wanted to build a profitable Watkins business online, and we worked the home and small business forums online and did quite well. It seems that people were looking for something reputable. Most were tired of scams and opportunities that promised great wealth and delivered nothing. This is no different today. People want something they can run with, that will last.

Now, here is the one part of my history with Watkins that I’d rather leave out. Between 1991 and 1995, I was blessed with a good income and a growing business with Watkins. In 1996, I was presented with the opportunity to partner with my  brother in a family business. My role was helping to program and create software for the Texas public school market. This is something I loved doing (being just a bit of a computer geek), and the potential seemed unlimited. This was a business that I could eventually inherit and become quite wealthy with (it sure seemed like it).

To help raise needed funds for this venture, and to sharpen my focus, I sold my Watkins business to an upline team member that year. I am sad to say that it proved to be a poor decision. Our family computer software business fell on hard times, and in 1998 I had to back out and rejoin the traditional work force (translation: get a job).

I had rejoined Watkins (under someone in my former downline) back in 1997, just to get the products at discount. Later, I decided to start rebuilding my Watkins business again. It was all at once an easy decision, as well as a tough one. By this time I had developed significant skills in online marketing and getting found in search engines. I could have promoted anything I wanted and made money.

In the end, I basically went through the same evaluation and decision process I had the first time around. I carefully considered the positives of the Watkins company and opportunity (and the negatives, there are downsides to ANY network marketing or MLM opportunity out there, you just have to dig below the hype to find them). When all was said and done, I decided Watkins was still a great home business opportunity, and it remains so today.

So, bottom line, if you are reading this because you’re considering the Watkins business opportunity and are looking for some insight, let me conclude this with an observation.

We live in a world today where home income opportunities are plentiful. Thanks to the Internet, we have a lot of choices. There are opportunities (both legitimate and scams) out there that we wouldn’t have even known about before the Internet. This makes the process of finding the “right” one even more difficult.

If you are looking for long-term income stability, and want to work with a trusted company that has consistently delivered quality and value to the marketplace for many years, consider Watkins. The company has done an outstanding job of maintaining their heritage and continues to offer the classic products that made them famous. But, and this is BIG, they have also moved forward to regularly introduce new products that appeal to the needs and desires of a younger and more contemporary generation. With Watkins we have the best of all worlds.

Look under the hood and see what powers the long-term success of Watkins. Compare it to what other home business opportunities offer. I believe you will be pleased with what you find.

Thanks for visiting my website, I appreciate you, please feel free to contact me anytime.

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