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By Eldon Beard, Independent Watkins Associate 122236

How You Earn Money with Watkins

Watkins rewards you when your efforts result in more families using Watkins products. There are three main ways this happens. You can use the products yourself, help other people obtain the products, and/or establish a group of other associates. Let's describe each of these methods, starting with the simplest and working up to the one that can put the most money in your pocket.

Use the Products Yourself
(and Save Money)

When you, as an associate, order products for use in your own home, Watkins rewards you with an immediate discount of 25% off the retail price. Plus, you may also receive additional bonus income of up to 14% more after the end of the month, depending on the overall results you achieve that month.

Even at retail prices, the top quality, long-lasting nature of Watkins products means customers save money over store brands. But, when you add your discount of up to 39% (25% plus up to 14% bonuses), it can greatly benefit your family. In fact, people who aren't quite ready to build an active Watkins business often choose to join just for the associate's discount on the products.

Help Other People Obtain the Products
(and Earn Immediate Income)

By establishing a base of customers, you can earn a solid income. And, it doesn't matter whether your customers order through you or directly from Watkins by Internet, phone, or mail—you earn profits every time.

There are many ways to establish a customer base. You get to choose methods that are comfortable and make sense for you. Most active associates find, however, that establishing customers is easy. That's because many people already know about Watkins' great reputation, but just don't know how to get these products.

Your profit on customer orders starts with you earning 25% of the retail price. After the end of each month, you may receive additional bonus income, depending on the overall results you achieved during that month. This bonus income can quickly climb up to 14%, taking your total profit on customer sales up to 39%. If you build a large organization and achieve the highest levels of success, your total profits on your customers' orders can go as high as 44%.

As an added convenience for you and your customers, Watkins offers you the option of having customers order by a toll-free phone number, on the Internet, or by mail. These orders are shipped directly to your customer from the Watkins distribution center. You never have to handle these orders, and yet you reap profits. This can eliminate the time it would normally take you to sort and hand-deliver orders. In order to help cover costs associated with customer direct orders, you earn slightly less on these orders than those you hand-deliver.

Establish a Group of Other Associates
(and Build Continuous Income for Years to Come)

Establishing a group of other associates is the most powerful way to earn money with Watkins, because you can help many more families obtain Watkins products than you ever could by working alone. As your associates duplicate your efforts by introducing this business and the products to others, you can earn a percentage of the product volume generated by your entire group.

As a rule of thumb, most associates with active groups find that their monthly income averages approximately 5% to 10% of the product volume generated by their group. That can put a large amount of money in your hands every month. And, long-term, it's possible to earn up to 19% of the volume generated by some associates in your group.

The best part about establishing a group of other associates, however, is that your income isn't just based on your efforts—it's based on the efforts of everyone in your group. Since many of your associates would still be working even if you decided to take some time off, it means that your income can continue even when you're not working. That's the power of residual income!

Watkins Bonus Programs
(Icing on the Cake)

Earning profit on your customers and your associates is excellent. But, even beyond that, Watkins sets aside approximately 2% of all company revenues for special bonus programs. Past bonuses have given $100+ cash bonuses for new associates who took quick action, $1000+ cash bonuses to existing associates who reached higher levels in the compensation plan, as well as all-expense paid trips to exotic destinations around the world.

The Big Picture


Typical Earnings with Watkins
25% to 39% discount on items you order for yourself.
25% to 39% profit on sales to your customers.
5% to 10% bonus profit on the total sales volume generated by your entire downline group.
Special programs for extra bonuses or prizes.

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