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By Eldon Beard, Independent Watkins Associate 122236

Frequently Asked Questions About Watkins

If you've already reviewed the other information on our site, it's likely that you're almost ready to experience the fun of your own Watkins business. We know you'll be thrilled when you join, so we hope you'll dive in!

If you're like most of us were when we joined, however, you probably need to get answers to a few minor questions. If the question that's holding you back isn't answered below, visit our team information site and we'll get you the answers you need.

Q. It sounds simple, but can I do it?

A. There are no guarantees, but thousands of people with little or no experience have succeeded with Watkins. With the available Summit Group training, your odds of success increase dramatically.

Q. I don't have any sales experience. Can I still do this?

A. Definitely. Building a Watkins business has very little to do with sales techniques. As a matter of fact, most successful people in Watkins rarely have any experience in sales. With all the training and support from the Summit Group, you will learn exactly, step-by-step, what to do to build a profitable Watkins business.

Q. Can I start part-time? I can't afford to leave my current job now.

A. Absolutely. One of the greatest features of this business is that you can start part-time while you continue to work. As your business grows, you decide whether to make it your full-time business or not. Many people like what they do and would simply like to make a little extra money.

Q. I don't have the time.

A. That's precisely why you need this business - so you will have the time to do the things you enjoy. This isn't just a business about financial freedom. It's also a business designed to create the time to enjoy the money you make.

Q. What exactly will I be doing to build a Watkins business?

A. Building a successful Watkins business requires three basic activities: First, you need to find people to talk to about the business and the products. Second, you need to know what to tell and show them. And third, you need to enroll them in the business and begin to train them, or make the sale and provide good customer service.

Our Summit Group success system will help you do all three; and with our conference calls, weekly e-mail hotline, internet website, regional conferences, and other support, help is never far away.

Q. How do I tell others about the Watkins opportunity?

A. Many tools are available to help you tell others about the Watkins business. For example, as a member of the Summit Group, you'll have access to a number of different presentation and sales tools, many of which you can download and print right from the comfort of your home. We also offer training on the most effective ways to present the opportunity to others. These are low-key, non-threatening approaches that work. You'll be provided with detailed training on exactly how to use these tools.

Q. I've never been in business before. What other training is available?

A. Watkins offers training on all aspects of marketing the products and building your business. Also, since you'll be a part of the Summit Group, you will have access to this proven business building system. You won't waste time trying to figure out everything by trial and error. Follow the proven success of others who have already built large Watkins businesses.

Q. How much money can I make?

A. Everyone is different and situations and circumstances vary. There are many people in Watkins who earn in excess of $100,000 annually. However, there are others who have made little or nothing because they didn't do anything. They didn't buy products for themselves and they didn't tell others about the business.

Fortunately, the Watkins compensation plan directly rewards those who put forth the effort. If you work smart and hard, you can earn more than you would putting the same effort into a different job or business. Not only that, the income you earn with Watkins is residual, which means you can continue earning for years on the work you do today. By sharing the business opportunity with someone else, you will continue to earn bonuses on their efforts for as long as they remain with Watkins.

Q. This sounds good, but I'm not sure. How can I get more details?

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