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Are you looking for your favorite Watkins products? While Watkins is most famous for their award-winning vanilla, black pepper, and other spices, today we offer a complete line of gourmet specialty foods, botanical personal and home-care products, elegant gift baskets and, of course, the tried and true medicinals (like our famous red liniment) that have helped Watkins Products become a household name since 1868.

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Watkins products have been famous since 1868 - if you haven't tried them before, you will be very pleased with your order! Guaranteed. Try our world-famous cinnamon, extracts, snack and dip seasonings, gourmet mustards, soup and gravy bases, liquid spices made with heart-healthy grapeseed oil, barbeque sauce, Soynilla fortified with soy isoflavones, and of course our top quality home and personal care products!

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